Removable Appliances

Removable appliances are sometimes required during the initial stages of treatment in order to help correct the biting position of the teeth. They are used mainly in conjunction with fixed appliances. Impressions are taken of the teeth and our dental technician will then make the appliance specifically tailored to each patient. When fitted with a removable appliance full instructions will be given as to when they should be worn and how to look after them. 

You will be able to remove this appliance to clean it but you should not click this in and out, if the wires break the treatment time may be lengthened. 

You Must: 

  • Wear this appliance all the time, including meal times and over night. 
  • Clean your teeth and the appliance after every meal, we strongly advise that you use a fluoride toothpaste daily.
  • Not eat sweets or drink fizzy drinks throughout the duration of the treatment.
  • Ring our receptionist immediately if your appliance hurts, breaks or is lost.
  • You can remove the appliance when playing contact sports but make sure you keep your appliance in the box which you were provided with.